PCC Revert

A leader in the management of nickel and cobalt based superalloy and titanium alloy recycling

PCC Revert Group identifies and captures all metallic waste streams to create closed loop systems and maximize the value of revert material for the aerospace, land-based turbine and chemical industries. The scope of work includes management of all metallic waste stream generation. This includes purchasing, sorting and processing to ensure that material is sent back into PCC melt shops, thus ensuring a closed loop process.

Caledonian Alloys

Caledonian Alloys

Caledonian Alloys is the world leader in the management of nickel and cobalt base superalloy and titanium alloy recycling for the aerospace, land-based turbine, oil & gas and chemical industries.

Caledonian Alloys provides suppliers with a range of revert management services designed to enable them to optimize the use and value of their own revert. The company transforms revert, through rigourous process, into material which can be remelted, to produce new nickel, cobalt or titanium alloys.

Accredited with all major vacuum and high temperature melter worldwide, Caledonian Alloys supplies fully processed nickel and titanium revert material to the melting industry. We also purchase revert material from a wide range of industrial customers throughout the world.

Greenville Metals

Greenville Metals

Greenville Metals, Inc. is a unique metallurgial resource with the ability to partner strategically with customers. GMI provides technology-based solutions and services to companies around the globe which require airmelt grade master alloys and conversions products.

Greenville Metals produces metallurgical products using many techniques including electric arc furnace, AOD, induction furnaces, and various crushing, grinding and sizing equipment. We use nickel, cobalt, and iron-based (particularly stainless steel) alloys to produce products such as ingots, pigs, shot and powder.


Caledonian Alloys UK in England (Processing plant / office)
Holmer Road, Hereford, Herefordshire HR4 9SL

Caledonian Alloys UK in Scotland (Registered office)
Houstoun Road Ind Estate, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 5BZ

Caledonian Alloys US West Coast (Processing plant / office)
201 East Gardena Blvd, Gardena, California, CA 90248

Caledonian Alloys US East Coast (Processing plant/ office)
Greenville Metals facility, 850 Crestview Drive, Transfer, PA 16154
Phone: (724) 509-1861